CAT Chat Minutes

December 1, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

What was the delay for the fill on fill that occurred on Thursday, November 30 around 7:45 pm? The beam current interlock malfunctioned, which prevented the injector from refilling the storage ring.


User Information

Glen Decker noted that availability has been ~ 96%. Most of the faults caused were directly related to rf trips. Another area of concern is the use of cell phones near technical equipment. This past week, the beam tripped when a cell phone was used while standing too close to the rf detector system. The mean time between faults is still below our goal and needs improvement. This is one area that will be looked into over the months ahead. On Tuesday, December 5th, an eight-hour studies period will be held from 0800 to 1600. The studies period will be immediately followed with one week of top-up operation. The top-up will continue through December 11 at 0800 hours. During the top-up operation, the injection rate will be a minimum of 2 minutes. The countdown timer to the next injection pulse will be operation. A CATNET message will be sent with further details regarding top-up operation.


General Information

A safety audit will be conducted shortly of the liquid nitrogen system. The CATs will be contacted to ensure that all systems are in compliance with safety regulations. The availability of storage space is decreasing rapidly as more beamlines are being built out. All CATs are requested to review their current articles that are in storage, and eliminate as much as possible. Our long-term goals are to work on operational storage space for the future. Dr. Herman Grunder was here last Tuesday, November 28 for a tour of APS. He was very impressed with the facility. Dr. Grunder is a strong proponent of ISM and is looking to make significant changes in the implementation and assignment of the responsibility for safety. The APS Holiday Luncheon is taking place on Friday, December 15. The cost of the luncheon is $12.00 per person. If you haven't already done so, please sign up in the APS Users Office ASAP. APS will be celebrating its annual Holiday Feast, on Monday, December 18. More details will be announced shortly.