CAT Chat Minutes

October 27, 2000


User Information

At the present time, the injector is operating and ready to inject into the storage ring.   A few technical problems are being resolved with the storage ring, but injection and the startup studies should begin later today. The user run is scheduled to begin on Thursday, November 2 at 0800 hours. The operating mode will be the standard singlet-filling pattern with fill-on-fill injections scheduled every 12 hours.   

The PV names for the front-end shutters are being changed. On Monday, October 30, a CAT Net will be sent with detailed information on the changes.


General Information

Representatives of the SBC CAT expressed their gratitude to Frank Bellinger, Nena Velamparampil, and Bill Weslowski for their effort and support towards the successful completion of numerous projects that had been undertaken by the CAT.