CAT Chat Minutes

October 5, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

1. Following the power outage, we had trouble with sending out any mail to offsite. Do you know what happened?

All the computers are on UPS. After about an hour the UPS batteries were down and took out some of our servers. Later oxygen and the PC servers were rebooted. The mail server was probably down during the same period.

2. What was the cause of the power outage?

Building 549 technicians were repairing transformers when the outage occurred.  The power outage affected this building and a few others.

3. Regarding the switchgear maintenance, how often does this occur?

Switchgears are tested once per year.


User Information

Mohan Ramanathan reviewed the Summary of FY2000 Operational Statistics to the group.The summary for fiscal year-end statistics consisted of:


scheduled user hours


x-ray availability (hours)


x-ray availability (%)




average fill duration without a fault (hours)


faults per day of delivered beam


delivered integrated current (A-hr)


average current (ma)



The October shutdown is in progress. We are relocating the girders in sectors 2&3 for Decker distortion in the lattice. We had first beam in the Back Scattering beamline in the EAA. More work is anticipated during the next run. The user run is scheduled to begin on November 2 at 0800 hours. Switchgear maintenance will take place tomorrow, Saturday, October 7. This will affect Sectors 4, 5, 6 and 7, and LOM 432. Remember to plug in where temporary power drops have been made.

The liquid nitrogen module B subcooler will be replaced today, Friday, October 6. This will affect sectors 10 through 17. The liquid nitrogen will be ready early next week provided all goes as anticipated.