CAT Chat Minutes

September 15, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

In regards to cyber security, what options do the CATs have for their computer network systems?

The APS is establishing a domain (, which will be outside the ANL and APS firewalls.In this domain, the security provisions for the CATs will be totally under their control and implementation, but access to the APS will be through the firewall. On the other hand, the users may choose to remain within the domain, but then they will need to comply with the security requirements of APS and ANL.Computer support personnel will be contacting the CAT network contacts to discuss these options.


User Information

The efficiency for the past week is ~ 94.1%. Eight blocks of downtime occurred primarily due to rf trips and power supply glitches. Thus far, the availability for the run is over 85.1%, however the mean time between faults is 27 hours.

A 48-hour machine studies period will begin at 8:00 am on Monday, September 18. User Operations will resume on Wednesday, September 20, at 8:00 am. On Tuesday the 26th of September at 4:00 pm, after the machine studies period, the special operating mode will begin with the hybrid fill mode and one fill per day.


General Information

Cyber Security - Bill McDowell reviewed the status of establishing the cyber security requirements.More information is available at the ANL Cyber Security web site located at:

Workshop - Denny Mills informed the group of a workshop on Detectors for Synchrotron Research that will be taking place in Washington, DC, on October 30-31, 2000. This workshop will define a Roadmap for Synchroton Detector Development. A total of approximately 80 people will be invited to attend the workshop. Denny is scheduling a meeting on Wednesday, September 20, at 11:00 a.m. in Bldg. 401, Room E1100 to discuss the workshop. If you cannot attend the meeting, e-mail your suggestions/comments to Denny.A Catnet will be sent today for more information regarding the workshop. Workshop information is also on the web located at:

5 to 9 Grill The opening date for the 5 to 9 Grill will be Wednesday, September 20, in the 401 Gallery.