CAT Chat Minutes

September 8, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

Any more news regarding the cyber security requirements?

The implementation of the requirements is underway.We will arrange for a short presentation on the current status at the next meeting.


User Information

This past weeks operational beam faults consisted of:
  • Several trips caused by the rf system
  • A beam dump at refill time to correct a bunch purity issue;
  • A PSS trip at 7-ID caused by power glitch; and
  • A power supply trip.

The past weeks downtime resulted in availability for the week of 93.1%.The availability for the run is currently at 83.3%. Operation for the next week will include an 8-hour machines studies shift on Tuesday, September 12, starting at 0800.


General Information

Final preparations are being made for the new food grill service open during weekday evenings and located in building 401. The opening date and menu will be available soon.