CAT Chat Minutes

September 1, 2000


User Operations

Rod Gerig reported last week's beamline operational faults. The faults consisted of:

A storage ring orbit corrector magnet lost its set point, resulting in a fault; recovery was quick.

Circuit breakers tripped in an EPS/PSS controls rack causing a machine protection fault, which in turn shut down some storage ring power supplies and the injector.

An rf trip that has been seen before occurred--it is suspected that this type of fault may be due to radio use. It was marked as a water event, but no data logger recorded any problems with water systems.

Availability for the week was just over 97%. For this run so far, availability is 81.6% with a mean time to beam failure of 36 hours.

Users often ask how accelerator study time is used. Rod presented a breakdown of studies time categories for FY2000 to date. Rod also clarified the differences between machine intervention activities and "true" studies time. Studies time availability is at 86% (995 hours).

Next week, Monday and Tuesday will be used for studies; shielding verification will be conducted Tuesday from noon until 2:00 p.m.


General Information

Health Physics is checking all dosimeter racks to see if any employees/users have left and no longer need to have assigned dosimeters. CATs will be asked to assist in identifying people who are no longer at the APS.