CAT Chat Minutes

August 18, 2000


User Information

Rod Gerig reviewed the past week's operational events. Four faults occurred since the last CAT Chat. The reasons were:

        Out-gassing in the Sector 36 rf cavities; the location of the recent vacuum problems

        A Power Supply communications problem

        A lightning strike

        A fault, which manifested itself as a beam position limit detector (BPLD) trip and radiation monitor fault. The root cause is being examined.

An eight-hour machine studies / intervention period took place on Tuesday, August 15. Operations resumed about 30 minutes late because of an rf interlock problem. Thus far, the availability for the run is up to 70% and the mean time between faults is 33 hours.

A viewgraph was displayed to the group illustrating that the lifetime is not back to the expected value, but is continuing to improve.

An eight-hour studies period will begin on Tuesday, August 22. Within that eight-hour timeframe, shielding verification will take place for ~ one-hour for Sector 4-ID.

Gateways All gateways are up and running. Weve had a few requests on maintaining the new gateways. More information will be provided at the next meeting.


General Information

Rod Gerig announced to the group his promotion to Division Director for the Accelerator Systems Division of APS. Rod will begin his new role effective September 1st. While Tony Rauchas searches for a replacement, Glenn Decker will fill in as Associate Division Director for Accelerator Operations on an interim basis. Bob Ferry will take on the responsibility of Associate Division Director for User Operations, also on an interim basis.