CAT Chat Minutes

August 11, 2000


Information and Follow-up Items

Over the past few days, the new name server is noticeably slower. Is there something going on?

We have not found any reason to cause this slowdown. We will continue to monitor the system in an attempt to discover the cause.


User Information

Rod Gerig informed the group regarding the user beam status since the last CAT Chat. He reports that the recovery from the vacuum fault continued and the 100 mA level was reached on Sunday, but that morning, another venting fault occurred (less serious than the original). Sunday and Monday were spent modifying the interlock system and recovering the vacuum.

The same approach for recovery was taken as for the first recovery, and the APS was able to return to six-hour fill intervals by midnight on Wednesday.

The routine twelve-hour fill cycle is expected to begin tonight. The problematic RF vacuum pumping station is isolated and the RF section is running on ion pumps only, so no further venting is expected. The lifetime of the ring is expected to continue increasing. Two faults not related to the vacuum problems occurred during the week (both were rf related). The APS is honoring requests for steering at this time.

Some users noted that the updates provided throughout the situation were very helpful and allowed them to better plan beam time for their incoming collaborators.

The group was reminded that machine studies time was truncated to eight hours next week, i.e., user beam will continue through 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 15. Studies periods will be eight hours each on Tuesdays for the next three consecutive weeks.

Measurements of barometric pressure are now available to users. The PVs to access the readings will be made available shortly.