CAT Chat Minutes

July 28, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. On Wednesday, July 26, there were problems sending and receiving e-mail. What was the cause of this dilemma?

APS is in the process of implementing a new firewall. We have been experiencing problems associated with the firewall. Computer support is fully aware of these problems and have been working with the vendors to resolve these issues. Most of the problems have been resolved. If you notice any problems, please contact the floor coordinator or the APS computer help desk.

2. Can the CATs send their mail using simple mail transfer protocol (smtp) directly to the outside world?

APS has configured as the mail router. As such, all incoming mail to the CATs is routed through Likewise we recommend that all outgoing mail be routed through the same server. In the near future, we will install a separate mail router for the CATs, as part of the future upgrades of computer security.


User Information

Starting today, Friday, July 28, machine studies will begin at 0800 hours and end on Thursday, August 3 at 0800 hours at the start of User Operation. The fill pattern will be singlets with 2 fills per day. The fill-on-fill will take place with shutters open.

The APS Beamline Operating Cycle for 2000-4 will have a two-week SOM period. The first week will be top-up followed by the second week of hybrid mode.


General Information

The remote control of the liquid nitrogen valves via EPICS have been tested. The values will be switched to auto mode next Tuesday. A cat net message will be sent next week with details of the PV's.