CAT Chat Minutes

July 21, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. Are there any other name servers besides the PV gateways, which is available as backups?

At the current time oxygen was used as name server. The new PV gateway machines should be the primary name servers for the Cats. The old PV gateway Rhea ( will be the backup name server for the CATs.

2. Can the CAT's use other CAT's gateway as their backup name server?

The new gateways which is also the name server resides in the CAT's own subnet. In order to use this, another CATs name server as a backup you will need access to the other CAT's network. CAT's can workout an arrangement among themselves if they need.

3. Is it necessary, on September 29, to do a computer security switchover a day before the end of the run?

We don't foresee a lot of problems occurring with this switchover. If any problems occur, inform your floor coordinator ASAP. In preparation we will within the next few weeks setup a meeting with Bill McDowell and the CAT's.

4. This past weekend, we experienced problems with the liquid nitrogen distribution system. I paged the floor coordinators and in return no response until Monday July 17 at 12:00 noon. I understood that were to receive 24-hours of support?

A fuse on the liquid nitrogen dewar control valve system blew and shut the system down. The line got warmed up. We have been experiencing pager system problems for the past few weeks. ECT has been working on it. When an emergency arises and if the floor coordinator doesn't respond, please call the control room at x-9424 and you should receive help soon.


User Information

The User Operation will be starting on Thursday, August 3 at 0800 hours. The start of the run will begin with singlets at two fills per day. During this shutdown, an additional 5 mm chamber will be installed along with testing orbit controls using x-ray bpms.

The operating schedule for 2000-4 has been updated. This schedule includes, at the end of the run, SOM1 starting with top-up and SOM2 using the hybrid mode. The filling pattern is also on the web for your convenience.

On Saturday, July 22, at 7:30 am, we will be installing a new firewall between APS and the central Argonne network/Internet. Access to some sites at Argonne and the Internet might be unavailable after Saturday until we reconfigure the firewall. If you encounter any problems, please fill out a Computer Help Desk request.


General Information

The SGX MOU scheduled for July 20th has now been moved to Wednesday, July 26 at 12:00 noon. Secretary Richardson will be attending the ceremony. During the ceremony 438 parking lot will be closed.

The DOE Office of Cyber Security and Special Reviews is conducting a review on August 7, 2000 of all ANL computer systems.