CAT Chat Minutes

June 30, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

Recently 14-BM has been experiencing beam drifting in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Feedback using the bending magnet xBPMs is being tested out in sector 14. We have experienced some problems with the system and we are working on a proper solution.

User Operations

On Saturday morning we experienced a power outage resulting in numerous problems. The recovery time from this outage was about 16 hours. Among the items requiring significant repair time were 13 Storage Ring power supplies, which needed to be replaced.

For the week, there were eight faults. Beam availability was 84.3%. For the run, beam has been available 94.4% with a MTBF of 22.8 hours.

On Monday, July 3, at 0800 hours an 8-hour machine studies is scheduled, at which time Shielding Verification for 34-ID will take place. This will begin at 10:30 am through 1:30 pm at 10mA. Shortly thereafter, a Special Operating Mode, (SOM2) starting Monday, July 3 at 1600 hours will begin using the hybrid mode with injection once a day.

The IOC, which provides global ID operation as well as the current history, had a problem this morning and had to be rebooted. The impact was minimum and it took a little over 5 minutes to correct.