CAT Chat Minutes

June 23, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. During the hybrid fill operating mode at the end of this run, you are planning to fill the storage ring only once each day? What will the current decay be at the end of the fill?

The lifetime with this fill pattern is significantly longer than the one during singlet operation. Therefore the final current will be approximately the same, around 65 mA, for both fill patterns.

2. The top-up countdown counter stays at 0 for several seconds after a fill. What is happening?

It takes about 5 seconds after a fill to recompute the lifetime and determine the time to the next injection. During that time, the countdown timer remains at 0.

3. The nitrogen distribution valve at our sector was closed without out knowledge, and caused some damage to our equipment. Can something be done to prevent this from happening again?

Maintenance was being performed and at the conclusion the valve was not reopened. We have investigated what happened and will work on establishing procedures to ensure that this is not repeated.

User Operations

Rod Gerig displayed a viewgraph to the group on the user run statistics by week for FY-2000. The statistics show the improvement in performance of the accelerator systems during longer runs. With only two weeks left in the run, our past week's availability is ~ 97.6%. This past week, we had two faults. Some injector efficiency problems were experienced that prolonged refilling to full operating current.

Starting, Tuesday, June 27, machine studies will take place at 8:00 am followed by the Special Operating Mode (SOM1) starting at 4:00 pm with the top-up operation with singlets. A CatNet message will be sent early next week to define the refill criteria if injector problems are encountered during this operating period.

Beginning Monday, July 3, an eight-hour machine studies will begin at 0800 and will be followed by SOM2 (hybrid mode fill pattern).

General Information

Transporting Hazardous Materials - An incident was described of a shipment being sent by Federal Express with inconsistent labeling of the contents. The circumstances of this shipment are currently being investigated. Lack of compliance with shipping regulations can jeopardize the flexibility that the users currently have in shipping samples to and from ANL. Please review the requirements and ensure that all of your users comply. The ANL Transportation Safety Manual can be found at Additional information is available in APS technical updates nos. 23 and 25.