CAT Chat Minutes

June 9, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. During user operations, two instances occurred causing the main controls server to lock up? What are the consequences due to this problem?

The controls server helios has been experiencing some disk failures. SUN maintenance has been assisting APS in fixing this problem. A permanent fix is expected to take place during the 8 hrs of studies on Tuesday. During these failures, the MCR will keep the beam in the machine. The operators will be in a position to monitor the beam but not control it. The slow orbit correction program will be inoperable. This could lead to slow beam drifts, which can be corrected once the server is restored.

However, due to the structure of the new gateways, the user control of insertion devices will be unperturbed during these failures.

2. With regards to beam motion due to EMW operation, can we be notified when it will be pulsed?

We will create a process variable, which will indicate when the EMW is being pulsed. This variable can be monitored by CATs if there is suspicion of any beam motion due to the EMW pulsing.

User Operations

During this past week 100 hours of beam time was uninterrupted. Throughout that time, three faults occurred; two by rf and one being a power supply glitch. Overall availability this past week is 97.5%. Machine Studies will begin on Tuesday, June 13 at 0800 for a total of eight hours.

On Monday, June 5th, the 12-hour top-up test went smoothly with only one trip leading to very little downtime. The average injection rate was every 2 minutes with some rare instances of 6-minute intervals. The next injection countdown timer takes about 5 seconds to calculate the correct time to the next injection.

During this run, SOM1 will be the top-up mode, and will run from June 27th at 1600 hrs to July 3rd at 0800 hrs.

Sector 11 has been plagued with beam motion due to the pulsing of the EMW device. Operations will continue to work with Sector 11 staff to minimize these beam motions.