CAT Chat Minutes

June 2, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

Is some of the PSS information, such as station door status or shutter status, available in EPICS?

We are in the process of getting most of this information available through EPICS. Many beamlines have been completed. Contact the floor coordinator, and he will have Marty Smith or Roy Emerson provide the details to you.

User Operations

During the past week, the fault rate has continued to be higher than we would expect. Nine faults occurred, the primary system to which the faults were attributed was power supplies, although four were attributed to other causes. The power supply group continues to investigate these trips and will be given time during the upcoming machines intervention period to explore further.

Beam was unavailable for .88 hours on the evening of 5/26 because of the need to reboot an IOC that controls power supplies. Beam availability for the week was 93.8%

On Monday, June 5th, a 12-hour top-up test will be conducted during the machine studies period.The test will begin at 0800 and end at 2000. As in the previous tests, a 5-minute period of pulsing the injection magnets (with no beam injected) at a 2Hz rate will begin the test. The 2Hz injection magnet pulsing will also be repeated at 1200. During the actual top-up operation, the injection rate will be a minimum of 2 minutes. The countdown timer to the next injection pulse will be operation.

General Information

On Monday, LOM 434 sidewalk repairs are scheduled to begin, weather permitting.