CAT Chat Minutes

May 26, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. To whom do we go for guidance on various technical or critical components issues? Also, can a list of names be provided of various groups responsibilities?

All issues should go through your floor coordinator. Either the Beamline Review Committee or the Commissioning Review Committee will review major issues. We are working on updating the list of responsibilities. 

2. We prefer that the user runs begin on Wednesday to allow for more beamline setup time before the weekend. The remaining runs for this year begin on Thursdays. Will this schedule remain for the future?

The schedule had been developed and posted before your request came in. We are currently working on next years operating schedule and are trying to avoid user runs during holidays. We will also try to incorporate starting runs on Wednesdays, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to accomplish that while maintaing adequate length maintenance periods.

3. The 2000-3 operating cycle has a special operating mode planned for the last week of September. Is the fill pattern available for this SOM?

Yes. A cat net message has been sent with details. The 2000-3 cycle is on the web which can be found at:

User Operations

This past weeks availability is ~ 96%. Several blocks of downtime occurred primarily due to an rf crowbar trip, vertical corrector trip, and PSS system faults occurring in 4-ID.

Beginning next Tuesday, May 30, at 0800 hours, machine studies will take place and end at 1600 hours.

Sector 19 would like to thank the PSS group for the fast turnaround of providing the beam back after some component failures.