CAT Chat Minutes

May 19, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

New hardware or software was added on the electrical equipment protection system boxes and unfortunately we werenퟚ�t informed for sector 19-BM. Before changes occur, can we be notified first?

I would also like to thank our floor coordinators and Roy Emerson for handling all the unhappy users when this took place.

Who can I talk to as far as ordering one and having it installed?

Contact your coordinator who will inform Bill McDowell 2-6975, our computer support personnel. Bill will provide all the information you'll need and install it for you.

In sector 432, in the men's bathroom, there are no soap dispensers installed. Who do we contact in order to put one in?

Contact your floor coordinator and he/she will inform the floor custodial to have one installed.

User Operations

Since start-up occurred, two faults transpired and continued to trip the beamlines with a total of 11 faults. Eight of these trips were related to power supply errors. Two were rf trips and one related to PSS. During machine studies that took place this week, we reduced and corrected most of these errors. Beginning next week a two-day machine studies will begin on Monday, May 22 at 0800 hours and ending at 2400 hours on Tuesday, May 23. During that time, liquid nitrogen will be added to all systems. The gateways will be rebooted when dewars are complete.