CAT Chat Minutes

May 12, 2000

Information and Follow-up Item

Since the start of this user run, we have been experiencing beam motion at our beamline. Can these issues be resolved during the start up to minimize the impact on the users?

A significant amount of potential issues are resolved during the start up period. Some effects either are not apparent or the time available during startup is not adequate to fully correct them before the start of the user run. If the impact is significant (i.e. affects most users) then the user run will be delayed until the problems are corrected. If, on the other hand, the impacts are subtle, or a clear solution is unavailable, beam will be provided to the users as scheduled. During the operation, efforts will continue to diagnose the problem, and it will be corrected at the first opportunity when a solution has been found.

User Operations

Operations last week consisted of six days of start up / machine studies. Storage ring availability during the studies has been ~ 89%. Activities that took place during machine studies this week were: orbit bpm measurements, testing prototype bpms, lattice issues, and investigating EMW effects. User operations began yesterday, Thursday, May 11. Two faults occurred thus far and were caused by excessive beam motion. The causes have been identified as power supply related and further tests into these instabilities will be done this coming Tuesday, May 16, during machine studies time. Gateways - All gateways are up and running with the new name and timeserver except for sectors 11 and 12. They also should be completed shortly. All gateways will be rebooted on Tuesday, May 16 to complete the setups.

General Information

All liquid nitrogen subcoolers have been installed and the distribution system is fully operational. APS Spectrum Club has provided handouts on the new summer 2000 APS clothing sale items. More details can be found at: