CAT Chat Minutes

May 5, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. When the x-ray BPMs are used as part of the position feedback, will they be in a local feedback loop or in the global loop?

Initially, the xBPMs will be part of the global feedback loop, but by adjusting the weight of each of the BPMs within the correction algorithm, we can effectively create a local effect.

2. The image on the TV at the end of sector 5 is in terrible shape. Can this unit be fixed and/or replaced?

All of the TVs within the experiment hall will be replaced shortly.

3. Several people from our home institution have informed us that they received e-mail containing the recently circulating virus from e-mail addresses located in ANL, but not APS. Why are user e-mail addresses in address books outside of APS? I didnt realize our e-mail addresses were so popular.

Two factors likely came together to create this problem. Most of the ANL PCs outside of APS use Microsoft Outlook for e-mail and this program was the one susceptible to the virus. The areas from which the virus was spread were shipping/receiving and finance. So anyone who has shipped or received items to/from ANL or who has had financial dealings with the laboratory is likely to have had his/her e-mail address recorded in some individuals address book.

User Operations

A significant amount of maintenance work was done during the shutdown. Sector 33 was moved to incorporate the chicane and will allow further testing of xBPMs in ID beamlines in both displaced sectors (33 and 34). A small gap chamber has been installed in sector 4. We are currently in start-up and machine studies with all systems operating normally. User operations will follow starting on May 11 at 0800 hours.

Gateways - The first 12 sectors are up and running with the new name and timeserver. The remaining sectors should be finished by the end of next week.

User Safety Training

Notification of safety training for ANL Users will be sent out on June 1. Errors are still occurring in the daily download from ANL. Our TMS database will be updated to correct the user profiles shortly.

General Information

E-mail Virus Most of you are aware of the e-mail virus that has been attacking our computer systems and all systems throughout the world. Please be wary of all attachments. This virus contains a Visual Basic script worm, which will execute on most Window machines. Delete the message immediately. Then empty your e-mail trash. Computer security will be working over the weekend to block any more messages that try to come through.

APS has provided survey handouts to all users. The results will help with our long range planning. Your cooperation is appreciated.