CAT Chat Minutes

April 28, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

When will the liquid nitrogen system for sectors 1-9 be operational again?

The Module "A" Nitrogen line was ready for use on Thursday April, 27th. If there are any Cats that need help, please contact Bill Wesolowski.

User Operations

The run schedules have been posted on the Web along with clarified timetables for SOMs 1 and 2. Fill pattern descriptions are also provided.

Four channels of the TV system are now up and running. More content is being developed and five more channels are in and being worked on. Currently the following channels and content are available.

-- 40 beam current

-- 41 the sector 35-BM beam image

-- 42 switches between all the other channels

-- 43 operation schedule and fill pattern descriptions

Future information that will be offered over the TV channels will include seminar information, etc. TVs at the beamlines can be used to view these channels. Argonne is receiving cable service from a local carrier--drops in the LOMs will carry full cable channel access. It is preferred that the community use RG6 cabling for all TV access at the APS. Contact the floor coordinator for connecting your TV into the cable system.

General Information

The 10th Users meeting will begin May 2. If you have not yet registered, please do so ASAP. Workshops are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.