CAT Chat Minutes

April 21, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

When will the CAT activity reports be made available on the Web?

A comprehensive listing of more than 300 submissions will be made available during the user meeting. The final edits of the submissions will begin after the user meeting. So you can expect the reports to begin appearing on the Web in June.

User Operations

The detailed schedules for the next run (2000-2) and the succeeding run (2000-3) are now posted on the web. Both of these schedules also include links to the filling pattern descriptions for both the routine and SOM periods.

In addition, the SOM periods for the final run of this calendar year (2000-4) have been determined. There will be two SOM periods. The first SOM (SOM1) will be scheduled from December 5 (1600 hours) to December 11 (0800 hours). The tentative operating mode for this period will be continuous top-up injection with a singlet fill pattern. The second SOM (SOM2) will be scheduled from December 13 (0800 hours) and will continue through the end of the run on December 21 (2400 hours). The operating mode for this period will be the asymmetric (hybrid) fill pattern. This information will be appended to the long-range schedule in the near future.

General Information

The 10th Users meeting will begin May 2. If you have not yet registered, please do so as soon as possible.