CAT Chat Minutes

April 14, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. Is it possible to buy our own UPS system for the Router in the LOM Network Closet?

Yes. However, each Router in the LOM network closet is configured for 4 sectors. The capacity of the UPS has to be minimum of 4 KVA.

2. How does the new policy on foreign national visits affect the resident users who are not US citizens?

It does not affect any user who has an APS user badge.

User Operations

User operations will begin on May 11 at 0800 hours using fill-on-fill with shutters open and singlets.

During the next user run, on June 5, we are scheduling a 12-hour top-up studies period for final tests. The countdown timer for next injection will correctly reflect the time.

General Information

ANL is expanding electrical Facility 549 to install a second 138KV transmission line and related equipment to improve reliability for the system. The 1st shutdown will take place on April 21 through April 28. The 2nd shutdown will take place July 10 through July 22. This will ensure additional power throughout the facility.