CAT Chat Minutes

March 31, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. With regards to the name servers in the new server configuration, can we continue using ozone and oxygen as our server?

No. The new configuration will relieve a significant load on ozone and oxygen to perform their primary functions as network servers. The new name and time servers will be more reliable in the long run, however ozone and oxygen will remain as the backups.

2. The FY2001 web calendar is presented on the web as a pdf file. Can we also read this as an html file?

Yes. We will have it on the web shortly.

3. This past weekend, a user was in need of searching the stock catalog from outside the ANL network and was unable to access it. Are we still unable to use it?

We found one more firewall that was still preventing outside access. The files have been moved and access should now be available from outside the ANL network.

User Operations

Currently, we are in the last week of operations for Operating Cycle 2000-1. One fault occurred this past week, which led to very little downtime. During this run 1400 hours of beam time were delivered. Overall availability this past 11 weeks is 97%. Scheduled maintenance will begin on Monday, April 3 and will last approximately 4_ weeks. During this shutdown, a variety of repairs and installations will take place such as: installing a 5-mm chamber, repairing a ratchet wall collimator, and numerous routine and preventive maintenance activities. During the next user run, on June 5, we are scheduling a 12-hour top-up studies period for final tests before the scheduled one week top-up operating period at the end of the month.

General Information

Starting Monday, April 3 we will begin testing the first 8 sectors with the new PV gateway system. The new server names will be ds1 and ds2.

The oxygen and ozone servers were down this morning due to a hardware failure in the SSA Disk Storage Array that is common to both servers. The repairs have been corrected and thus far working well.