CAT Chat Minutes

March 24, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. Does the serial connection for ID control have information on synchronous scanning?

No. The program running the serial link is not fast enough to handle the precise timing signals needed for synchronous scanning. With the new scheme for the gateway we will be able to provide these data in real time.

2. Do we have a schedule on the implementation of the new gateway scheme?

We hope to have a couple systems ready for testing during the upcoming run in May 2000.

3. Is the machine shop still a tornado shelter near 19-ID and 19-BM?

The approved shelter is the closest bathroom. Although the machine shops provide adequate protection, many of them are locked when not in use and therefore cannot be designated as approved shelters. If you happen to be next to the machine shop and its unlocked, it can be used.

4. Can we get a list of phone numbers for all beamlines?

All BM beamline phone numbers start with 17 and IDs start with 18. Example: Sector 1-BM would be 1701 and 1-ID would be 1801. A list will be prepared and provided to you.

User Operations

During the past week, an rf power supply trip occurred while filling was taking place. This happened towards the end of an 8-hour machine studies period which caused ~ 2_ hours of downtime. Overall, the storage ring availability for this week has been approximately 96%.

The operations schedule beginning Monday, March 27, at 0800 hours includes a 48-hour machine studies followed by a Special Operating Mode, (SOM) starting Wednesday at 0800 hours using the hybrid mode at one fill per day. Shielding verification is scheduled for Monday, March 27 from 12:00-2:00 pm at 30 mA for sectors 8-BM and 4-ID.

General Information

The LOM emergency exit door thresholds are being damaged when carts with heavy equipment are rolled over them. The current damage is being repaired, but please use the truck locks for loading and unloading heavy equipment.

Mohan presented viewgraphs to the group a new scheme for PV Gateway. The new scheme will have a direct link between the sector specific ID control IOC and the corresponding sector using a second Ethernet controller. This gateway will reside on the sector specific subnet. Most of the PVs required by the CATs are available out of this IOC. Additional PVs that are not available through this scheme can be accessed through the regular gateway RHEA. At the current time testing of this system is in progress. We are also addressing the network security issues on this link. We have to install firewalls on these direct links. We plan to have a couple of sectors ready for real testing during the next run in May 2000.