CAT Chat Minutes

March 10, 2000

Information/Follow-up items

Is it possible, during top-up to set the countdown timer to correctly reflect the time between injections?

At the present time, injections are set for 2-minute intervals. The decision to inject or not takes place when the countdown timer reached zero. We will work on predicting the injection time and set the countdown timer accordingly.

User Operations

A CAT Net message was sent out with details of the 24-hour top-up test that will be conducted Monday March 13, 0800 through Tuesday at 0800. Injection can be expected nominally every two minutes. Injections will be skipped if the current level is above threshold. The maximum time that has evolved between injections so far has been six minutes. It is possible that the timer may be (at some point) adjusted to allow greater than two minutes time between injections--this possibility will be evaluated. The APS staff will be circulating around the ring to talk with CAT personnel and evaluate top-up activities. A full week of top-up operation will take place during the next running cycle SOM period (full calendar available on the Web).

Rod Gerig reviewed the week's operational events. Three faults occurred since the last CAT Chat. Last weekend, 113 hours of uninterrupted beam were delivered. Availability is approaching 96% this run and the mean time between faults is nearly 34 hours. Both power supply and controls problems have decreased significantly in recent weeks as the result of work done in these areas. The number of "glitches" in the ComEd electrical grid has increased over the past several weeks. The APS is trying to get ComEd to provide a list of power glitch events so that they can be compared to events at the APS.

General Information

The next TWG meeting (Thursday, March 16) will focus on the topic of improving ID beamline XBPM response by modifying the storage ring lattice.