CAT Chat Minutes

March 3, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. An incident occurred this past week, when our liquid nitrogen supply shut-off. The response took a long time to isolate the problem. Dont we have a system that shows the status of the liquid nitrogen system through epics?

We are in the process of implementing a monitoring and control system to indicate liquid nitrogen shutdowns, dewars running empty, control and monitor valve status, etc. This system should be ready in about two months.

2. Will the top-up timing tests, i.e. pulsing the injection magnets at 2 Hz for short periods, be done during the next top-up studies period?

Yes. We will follow the same schedule as we did during the last test.

3. During the top-up test, we noticed that some injections were more than 2 minutes apart. What was the reason?

The normal period was two minutes. However, if the stored beam had not decayed below a preset level, that injection cycle was aborted. The preset level was set to be equivalent to the amount of injected charge. There were a few cases where two injection cycles were skipped. This was done to prevent the current from increasing above the operating limit of 102 mA. This same conditions will exist during routine top-up operation.

4. On the exit doors from the EAA area, it reads: emergency exit - alarm will sound if opened. This sign is wrong. Can this be corrected?

We will look into it and remove or change incorrect signs.

User Operations

The beam, for the last week, has been running well. At this point the availability for this run is still running approximately ~ 95%. The top-up test went well. Additional top-up testing will take place again on March 13.

Starting Tuesday, March 7, machine studies will start at 0800 hrs. and end at 1600 hrs. Shielding verification will take place for 4-ID-B. Shutters will be enabled during this time, but the current will be limited to 30 mA or less.

General Information

Outside Maintenance DuPage County will be installing water pipes along the south boundary of the laboratory. The contractor will use part of the large unpaved lot by LOM 434 as a staging area. There will be increased traffic in that vicinity, so please exercise caution when driving or walking near that area. This project is expected to start in early April.

The ANL Plant Facilities organization (PFS) will begin work shortly to improve the drainage of the parking lots for LOMs 433 and 434. They will start with the 434 lot first.

JHQs Thus far Job Hazard Questionnaires for personnel from three CATs have been entered into the training management system. One more is in the process. J. Lang will be contacting the other CATs for review and CAT approval of the training requirements for their staff.