CAT Chat Minutes

February 18, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

Will the new long-range calendar have the breakdown of individual shifts?

The new calendar will indicate maintenance periods, studies periods and user run periods with a resolution of eight hour shifts.

When top-up studies takes place, is there away to have a few short periods of just the injection magnets pulsing for us to test our triggering?

At the next CAT Chat, we will present a proposal and discuss any alternatives to have these short test periods.

User Operations

Rod Gerig reported last weeks percentage of the beamline operation availability is ~ 95%. Unfortunately, just prior to CAT Chat, the beam just went down due to a ring vacuum ion gauge trip. Arcing in high voltage connectors caused the trip. Replacement of these parts is underway.

During the last 48-hour machine studies, new software was added to the IOCs. During that time, other maintenance items and studies were completed, such as: bmp repairs, rebooting bpm iocs, booster injection along with bunch cleaning. These areas will help improve the reliability of the system. It has been confirmed that the use of cell phones and walkie-talkies near storage ring technical equipment have caused beam trips. Please avoid using these devices if you need to access the top of the storage ring tunnel. Next Tuesday, February 22, an 8-hour machine studies period will take place.

We will be unifying the multiple long-range schedules that are used around the APS. A new format will be presented to the users on the web. The new calendar will start with FY2001, which begins next October. The update has been made on the web and a catnet will follow shortly with the information on the new link.