CAT Chat Minutes

February 11, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. The LOM 434 parking lot has a serious drainage problem. Snowmelt freezes across the lot creating a major slippage hazard. What can be done?

The ANL Plant Facilities Division has taken on the responsibility for correcting the parking lot drainage. We will be working with them to develop the schedule and inform you when the schedule is finalized. In the meantime, grounds personnel will continue to salt the lots to minimize the slipping hazards. Nevetheless, please exercise caution when freezing conditions exist.

2. Our shutter inexplicably closed without loss of the enable status. What could cause this problem?

We have had cases where defective vacuum sensors cause faults which do not latch but close the shutters. Any suspicious events like this should be reported to the floor coordinators. Examples of these types of events were briefly discussed. Users are encouraged to keep track of beamline EPS events such as these to help with the tracking of possible causes.

3. What about the ISM reviews?

ISM interviews were held this week. The preliminary comments are that we had favorable reviews on our phase 2 activities--i.e., sound processes are in place and are being followed. However, the phase 1 activities--i.e., the documentation of these processes, needs improvement. The review team was favorably impressed with the protocols for bringing new users on board at the APS. The team will be preparing their report next week.

4. After a storage ring injection with ID gaps open, our gap was inappropriately closed below our operating level. We had called in the question and wanted an explanation of the problem, but have not gotten a response. Do you have a cause?

Direct all inquiries like this directly to your floor coordinator to ensure that you will be contacted with a response to your question. We are still investigating the cause for the improper operation of ID gap control.

5. Can administrative personnel also be given information like increased rates at the Guest House?

We will ask the User Office to develop a distribution list including administrative staff for disseminating information of this nature.

User Operations

Rod Gerig noted that availability has been good over the last week. Most of the faults have occurred in the last 24-36 hours, and included (1) a power glitch with an off-site origin, (2) a trip of the personnel protection system for the rf system, and (3) a problem with a Sun main server that caused feedback loops to stop.

A 48-hour studies period will begin Monday, February 14 at 8:00 a.m. On Monday afternoon, nominally between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., shielding verification at 30 mA is scheduled. Beam will return to users Wednesday morning. A 24-hour top-up study will begin Monday, February 28 at 8:00 a.m. This study will begin immediately after user operations and will follow a two-minute injection cycle. The 24-hour study will be repeated two weeks later in preparation for one full week of top-up operation during a later SOM period.

General Information

An injury occurred last week when a user entering an LOM through a door from the experiment hall floor pushed the door into a floor-cleaning machine, located behind the door. The door's motion stopped suddenly causing the user's head to hit the door. At the time of the incident, a facilities staff person was in the process of putting up the sign to warn pedestrians of the floor cleaning in the area. In the future, warning signs will be placed before the machines are moved into walkway areas. Pedestrians are urged to use the windows on doors to check their path of travel when possible.

SRI-CAT had a near miss this week. Dean Haeffner described how horizontal unitstruts, welded on an enclosure wall were used to support a storage structure placed on the wall to hold some beam pipes. The structure remained sound for over a year until someone placed additional weight on the structure and it gave way, falling off the wall. The strut was held to the wall by only two spot welds. The user community needs to be aware that these types of welds are not designed to support heavy weight loads.

The JHQ process continues with various CATs to ensure that the JHQs meet the individual needs of each CAT.

Room rates have increased at the Guest House. CAT Directors were informed via letter this week.