CAT Chat Minutes

February 4, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. How are Availability/Reliability statistics kept when there is downtime following a fault that is unrelated to the event, which caused the fault?

MCR Operations makes every attempt to make these assignments accurately. The original system, which caused the fault, will be assigned the fault (Faults are tracked separately from downtime) and whatever downtime is consumed in recovering from the fault and restoring operation. Any other system, which is preventing injection or operation, will accrue the appropriate amount of downtime. If multiple systems are preventing operation, both will accrue downtime. Among the categories of downtime tracked are: User Downtime, the difference between scheduled hours and available hours; and System Downtime, which is the sum of the downtime assigned to all systems. The latter will be larger than the former due to concurrent downtime.

2. Lately, fork lifts and bicycles have been moving at a high rate speed around the ring. Can we get this corrected?

We will, once again, remind contractor personnel and riggers to control their speed in the corridor. A general safety notice will be sent out reminding everyone of their responsibilities regarding bicycle use and safety.

User Operations

During the past week, a few minor trips occurred due to a power supply trip and a water flow interlock, but the problems were rectified quickly. The only trip of any length was a five-hour fault due to a power glitch and the recovery from all of the trips that ensued. Overall, the storage ring availability for this week has been approximately 93%.

Machine studies will begin this Tuesday, February 8 for 8-hours. Shielding verification will occur for 4-ID-B starting at 12:30 and ending approximately 3:30. The beam will be stored at 30 mA and the beamline shutters will be enabled.

General Information

The ISM team will be arriving at Argonne on Monday, February 7. At this time, most interviews have been scheduled. If you havent been notified by now, then you have not been scheduled for any interviews. The interview schedules will be refined as the interview process continues. We will keep you informed of any changes.