CAT Chat Minutes

January 21, 2000

Information and Follow-up Items

1. In the past, off-site users were able to access the APS stock catalog. Recently, access to the stock catalog has not been available. Can off-site access be reinstated?

Some modifications to the stock catalog are being implemented. Once these modifications are completed, access will again be available.

2. Has their been any feedback regarding the ISM meeting?

At this time, no. The APS presentations went very well. Next week we are expecting the detailed request for further documentation and more details on their interview plans.

User Operations

The first week of the user run started off with a 3-hour delay. A power glitch, during the previous night, caused several faults, which required some time for recovery. Problems were encountered with beam orbit and feedback systems, a radiation monitor for 1-ID which required revalidation, and main dipole power supply.

Machine studies will begin on Tuesday, January 25 at 0800 hours. Shielding verification will be performed for 4-ID at 30 mA. This will be a 1-hour test with shutters enabled.

The APS Beamline Operations Schedule for cycle 2000-1 now includes a link to descriptions of the filling pattern along with a shielding verification schedule. The Operations Schedule for cycle 2000-2 has been added to the web.

General Information

The GAO will be returning to Argonne to audit computer security. The team will be on-site from February 21 - March 3. The schedule initially was to visit APS on February 28. At this time, the level of CAT involvement has not been determined. We will keep you posted as more news is announced.

On Tuesday, January 25, at 3:00 a Surprise Birthday party will be held for Gopal Shenoy to honor his 60th birthday. Please join us on the 5th floor of building 401 for cake and coffee.

The building manager, Bob Whitman, is required to maintain an up-to-date inventory list of all machine tools (drill presses, lathes, etc.) at the APS site. This inventory must be updated as new machines are put into service along with old machines being removed from service. Please inform your floor coordinator whenever you add or remove machine tools in your areas.

Liquid Nitrogen Update Module D is the only section not yet operational. If you have any problems with the system, dont hesitate to contact your floor coordinator.