CAT Chat Minutes

January 14, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. With regarding the new fill pattern change, how many buckets will there be and will we still have a superbunch?

The BPM timing group of six will still be used, and the pattern will have 21 singlets with a spacing of 153 ns. The gap between the final singlet and the superbunch will be 460 ns.

2. When a liquid nitrogen system subcooler has to be removed, can the system still operate by feeding nitrogen from an adjoining module?

The interconnecting module valves were installed as a backup to provide uninterrupted service in the event a single dewar went empty. We have not yet tested how effectively we can transfer liquid from one module to the next. The current installation does not allow the sub-cooler to be taken out of service without dumping the manifold. We feel that once the sub-coolers meet the acceptance criteria the downtime problem will go away. We will include this added feature in our plans for future system improvements.

User Operations

The user run will begin at 0800 hours, Wednesday, January 19.

General Information

On Wednesday, January 19, the ISM team will begin the ISM verification at Argonne National Laboratory. The following day, a subset of the team will come to the APS for presentations by APS management. A short tour of the facility will be included, but the tour is not expected to include the experiment hall. The team will return on February 8 and begin the two-week verification process at ANL and APS. We expect during that time, team members will interact with CAT personnel.

Liquid Nitrogen Update Liquid nitrogen for modules A, B and C for sectors 1 through 27 are on-line with 10 sectors being supplied liquid. If any problems should arise, contact your floor coordinator.

The module D subcooler (old module A) is being repaired. We expect this unit to be returned in approximately 1 month. The installation and acceptance testing takes one week. If everything is normal the D module will be accepted and use can begin.

The A module sub-cooler is operational but did not pass the acceptance test for rate of pressure drop. The module is running and will continue throughout this run. We are working with the contractor to resolve the issue.