CAT Chat Minutes

November 5, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. On the first day of the run, the shutters had a problem opening. The floor coordinator proceeded to contact the on-call personnel for advice. He and/or she never responded to the page, therefore, our turn-on was delayed. Can the response for problems be improved?

The person responsible for responding lost the pager and never received a call. The call-in procedures are being modified to ensure that adequate back-up is provided when the primary person does not respond.

2. The new version of the PSS system was to be developed which eliminated control functions from the safety aspects of the system. What is the status of this upgrade?

At this time, the new PSS version is being tested on Sector 4. We have identified some further improvements, which are being implemented. At that time, we will be in a position to determine the cost and schedule for implementation at other beamlines. This information should be available to you by the end of the calendar year.

3. A web page is to be created showing us source properties. When is the time-frame for this project to be complete?

An on-line display of the 24 hour history for beam stability, emittance and coupling is now available, together with process variables providing this information in real-time. A CAT-NET message has been sent with the details. A more complete design specification of source parameters is being finalized and will be available on the web shortly.

User Operations

Shielding verification for 4-ID is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, from 1200 hours until 1400 hours. Shutters will be enabled during the verification time with stored beam current at 30 mA. The user run will resume at 1600 hours.

General Information

The APS will be holding a contest for the design of this years APS Christmas Card. More information will be provided through CAT-NET. We invite everyone to participate and present their ideas.