CAT Chat Minutes

October 29, 1999

User Operations

The user run will begin on Thursday, November 4 at 0800 hours. The normal fill pattern will be singlets with two fills per day.

General Information

Beginning next week, individual network gateways will be installed in each LOM. M. Ramanathan will contact each CAT on an individual basis to begin set-up.

During the startup machine studies period, storage ring shielding tests will be conducted. The tests are scheduled for Tuesday, November 2. Beamlines which are ready to take beam will be requested to open their shutters to gather more information for these tests. The ID gaps will not be able to be closed during these tests. Top-up tests will take place on Wednesday, November 3 beginning at 10:00 am. The tests will be conducted at SRI CAT, but other beamlines will be able to open their shutters, again with limitation on ID usage.

The liquid nitrogen system had a few set backs, but installation will be completed by mid-November.

The liquid nitrogen dewars will be filled beginning the morning of Tuesday, November 2. Since the quantity of dewars has increased, all of them cannot be filled in the morning. We will try to get to all of them by the afternoon.

The HVAC system within the LOMs is being reviewed to optimize its programmed performance. If you have any other problems, please contact your floor coordinator so issues can be corrected as soon as possible.