CAT Chat Minutes

October 1, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

The PSS group sends reminders to the users, six months in advance, for each sector when validation would take place. Could we be reminded a week before validation is due?

A meeting was held last week to discuss proper coordination of work on the experimental floor with all groups. From now on, the floor coordinator and the users will be informed a few days prior to start of work.

User Operations

The next user run will start on November 4, 1999. During this four-week-long maintenance period, we will be replacing two ID vacuum chambers. The 3-ID small gap chamber will be replaced by a regular 8mm chamber, and the sectors 14mm chamber will be replaced by a regular 8mm chamber. We are also cleaning all the masks in the front ends. Outline maintenance work is being performed on all IDs.

We will be testing the serial port ID control system on sector 5. We will inform the users of the status after the tests are complete.

General Information

ANL has informed us that controlled burning of wetlands will be taking place around the APS. This is being scheduled on a Saturday during the shutdown.