CAT Chat Minutes

September 10, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. With the snow and ice approaching soon, the cardreader in the 431-truck lock is still uncovered. Can we get this covered before winter begins?

We will have the cardreader covered shortly.

2. Recently, two-wheel bicycles have been seen in the experiment hall. Has there been a change in policy allowing two-wheeled bicycles on the experiment hall floor?

There has been no change in policy regarding bicycles. We will look into installing bicycles racks at the LOMs, so that the bicycles can be stored outside, and not brought into the experiment hall.

User Operations

The storage ring availability for the last couple of weeks has been excellent. Approxiamtely 200 hours of user beam were delivered without a single fault. Two faults did occur this past week; the only fault of any length was a two-hour fault due to a PSS fault.

On Monday, September 13, machine studies will begin at 0800 hours and continue until Wednesday, September 15 at 0800 hours. On Tuesday, September 21 at 1600 hours (after an eight-hour studies period) we will begin the Special Operating Mode (SOM) with the asymmetric fill pattern. This run will end at midnight on the 29th of September.