CAT Chat Minutes

September 3, 1999

User Operations

Overall beam time availability thus far is 94%. During the past week, the most significant problem was due to the storage ring dipole power supply and accounted for a total of three hours of downtime. Beginning Tuesday, September 7, machine studies will begin at 0800 hours and continue through 1600 hours. During this studies period, between 1200 and 1530, the shutters will be enabled to allow users to "preview" the fill pattern, which will be used during the Special Operating Mode (SOM). The SOM will begin at 1600 hours starting September 21 and continue through the end of the run at 2400 on Wednesday, September 29.

General Information

This afternoon, a leak occurred in a steam line feeding the APS utility building. Repairs required the steam to be shut down, which will result in some loss of temperature control, primarily in the storage ring. The steam shutdown will also affect the low temperature hot water system, which could result in some leaks. The steam leak is expected to be repaired within a few hours. In the meantime, please be on the alert for any leaks that may develop and notify the floor coordinator immediately.

The MOU signing for the High Pressure (HP) Cat will take place on Friday, September 17, at 10:00 am in the Central Lab/Office Building (401) in room A5000. All users are welcome to join the celebration.