CAT Chat Minutes

August 27, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

The network upgrade for LOM 435 was done during the last machine studies period. Unfortunately, there was hardly any notification prior to the work being started, and the resulting recovery caused a whole day of downtime for our beamlines. Can we get more advanced warning when these happenings occur?

We will again reiterate to all of the support groups of the need for longer range planning and announcements. We are also planning to impose tighter control over all work that is done in the experiment hall.

Any users that are still having air temperature control problems within your LOMs, please notify your floor coordinator in order to get this corrected ASAP.

User Operations

Two minor faults occurred this past week resulting in total downtime of ~ 30 minutes. Overall availability for the whole run thus far is 93%. Machine studies will begin on Monday, August 30 at 0800 hours. Shielding verification for 4-ID-A will begin on Tuesday, August 31, from 8:00 - 10:00 am. The requirements will be 20-25 mA and user shutters will be enabled during this time. The user run resumes at 0800 on Wednesday, September 1.

General Information

The ANL internet network provider will be doing network maintenance this coming Saturday, August 28, from noon until midnight. This may cause some loss of off-site network connectivity during that time.

Friday, August 27, is the last day for the X-99 conference on X-ray and Inner-Shell Processes. A significant number of conference visitors are here today for a tour of the facilities. They will be on the floor until about 1700 hours.