CAT Chat Minutes

August 6, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

1. When the power outage occurred, we were unable to get into the building using the Cardkey system. Can this be corrected?

We identified several problems with the Cardkey controlled doors, and these will be corrected quickly.

User Operations

Due to the power outage that occurred on Saturday, July 31, the availability for the run has dropped to ~ 82%. The power outage was due to a lightning arrest or failure in the substation feeding the south half of ANL affecting all of the 300 and 400 areas. It took over 3 hours to restore power. An additional 19 hours were required to restart the accelerator systems and restore beam in the storage ring.

Tuesday, August 10, an eight-hour machine studies will take place. The beam will be available to users for approximately three hours at 20 mA starting at 0800. User operations will resume at 1600 hours.

General Information

Because of the major impact and length of the power outage, a significant list of equipment modification and procedural changes were identified that would improve the response to and recovery from major power outages in the future. One area that needs attention and CAT support is the maintenance of the emergency call-in lists. B. Ferry requested that all CATs keep their lists current, so that critical information can be quickly disseminated to the appropriate CAT individuals.