CAT Chat Minutes

July 30, 1999

User Operations

The user run started yesterday at 0800 hours. We have had a single trip caused by unexplained beam motion in Sector 8. Recovery was quick. There was a problem with the ID control software, which did not restore the ID gaps to previous values after the fault. This has been corrected. The beam lifetime with singlets is good. We are monitoring closely for any beam instabilities and position variation between fills.

On Tuesday, August 3, machine studies will take place from 0800 to 1600 hours. Shielding verification for Sector 4-ID will be done starting at 0800 through 1200. During this time, the beam will be available with currents of 10 and 30 mA.

General Information

DOE has ordered ANL to "stand-down" on August 3, for employee security training. All ANL employees will be required to take the training. That day is scheduled for machine studies, and adequate personnel will remain to ensure that the studies and subsequent user run are not affected. Some of the training sessions will make use of the APS auditorium; therefore, there will be more auto and pedestrian traffic around the 400 area that day. Please exercise caution when traveling around the site.

As a result of the Price Anderson Amendment Act safety assessment by DOE, there is more awareness regarding compliance with radiological requirements. Everyone should ensure that their safety training, especially GERT, is current.

On Tuesday, August 3, the steam in building 450 will be shutdown for a total of four hours. This work is required to repair a steam leak. There may be some minor variation in temperature control of occupied spaces, but no significant impact is expected.