CAT Chat Minutes

July 23, 1999

Information/Follow-up items

1. The truck lock door by 435 is still not functional. What's the expected date for completion repairs?

The door was repaired this past week.

2. What is the load rating on station roof for placing liquid nitrogen dewars?

The rated load is 100/lbs/sq.ft

3. Technit personnel maintaining door service and/or hutches will be leaving the site. Who will be handling the service when needed?

Technit contract for door maintenance is in place for at least a year.

4. What is the schedule for turning on liquid nitrogen distribution system?

Installation of segment A (sectors 1-9) is almost complete. Testing will begin in a couple of weeks. We still expect the complete system to be operational by mid-September.

User Operations

The user run will start this coming Thursday, at 0800 hours. On Tuesday, August 3 an eight-hour period for machine studies will take place including four-hours of shielding verification for Sector 4-ID-A beginning at 8:00 a.m.