CAT Chat Minutes

July 16, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

What is the plan for the filling pattern for the next run based on the fact that we had such poor performance with the singlet fill during the last run?

The singlet filling pattern will not be used until we can reestablish the equivalent lifetime and stability that we had with singlets in previous runs. The fallback position will be triplets with a single fill per day. The final decision will not be made until we have a chance to test the singlet mode during the startup days.

User Operations

Beginning July 29, at 8:00 am, user operations will resume with injection with front-end shutters open. The filling pattern will be determined as stated above. This user run will last for nine weeks and end on September 30 at midnight.

General Information

The switchgear in the EAA will be shut down for maintenance from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 17. All power except emergency power will be off in the EAA. This will NOT effect the CATs. Simultaneously, the testing of all emergency power switches will be done. This will cause a short interruption to systems that are normally wired to emergency power. The cold rooms and the LOM lab hoods will be affected but all systems will be monitored to ensure that everything recovers properly.

Radiation Monitors - An incident involving the muffling of a radiation monitor was discussed. As a result of the investigation of this incident, the operation of all APS radiation monitors is being modified to ensure that the monitors provide a visual and audio warning locally only during the period of time that radiation levels exceed the set point. A letter from John Galayda with additional information regarding this change was provided to the users. A CAT NET message will be sent with the same information.

Reminder: The APS Picnic is today starting at 5:30. If anyone is still interested in attending, you can purchase your tickets at the user office at the discount rate of only $6.00.