CAT Chat Minutes

July 9, 1999

User Operations

The current user run will be completed on Sunday, July 11, at midnight. Scheduled maintenance will take place until July 25. User Operations will begin again on July 29 at 0800 hours. Overall, the availability for the run is ~ 97%. Two trips occurred this week. The first one was caused by a power supply trip and the second one resulted in an EPS trip caused by Sector 35-ID.

General Information

Reminder: The ANL Picnic, an annual celebration of summer festivities, will be held tomorrow, Saturday, July 10. This event will take place at the Argonne Park, and will start at 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. The picnic is FREE.

We will also celebrate our annual APS Picnic, which will be held July 16, at the Argonne Park. This picnic will begin at 5:30. Today is the last day (Friday, July 2) for the discounted tickets at $6.00 each. After today, the tickets will be $10.00 each.