CAT Chat Minutes

July 2, 1999

Information/Follow-up items

1. The mosquitoes are back again--can anything be done to get rid of them?

We will contact Bob Whitman to arrange for extermination services to treat the outside experiment hall.

2. Recent problems with routers and IOCs have resulted in the need for better communication between the control room and the experiment hall floor. Can the APS make an effort to better announce unexpected problems?

There has been a major effort underway to improve all methods of communication. We will make sure that unexpected problems are properly communicated in a timely manner both via the PA system as well as EPICs process variables.

3. Can dewars be placed on top of storage ring near the ratchet wall or the FOE roofs?

Dewars CANNOT be placed on top of storage ring. We will look into the roof loading capacity of the FOE.

4. During some recent time-resolved experiments, we found we had to retune after every injection, thereby wasting time. Can this problem be addressed?

We are currently experiencing lower lifetime then in the past. We will be increasing the number of singlets to a (maximum of 30) which will increase lifetime. We are investigating the problem related to small orbit perturbation after injection as well as reduced lifetime.

User Operations

The last week of the run is approaching; current run will terminate at midnight on Sunday, July 11. (The next run, 1999-4, will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 29). Availability has been running at approximately 97%. Over the last 15 hours of the run, three trips have been recorded (attributable to water flow sensors).

An 8-hour period is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, July 6. Shielding verification may be done just prior to the return to user operations (which will be fill on fill with singlets).

A fill station in 435 was inadvertently left open last weekend--the security guard was not aware that he was supposed to call the control room to initiate a repair/fix to the problem. The "missing link" in the communication chain is being addressed.