CAT Chat Minutes

June 25, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

Issues that Require Action

1. Inadequate or no announcements are being made to the users when problems occur with the storage ring which affect ID gaps, injection times, orbit changes, instabilities, etc. In one instance, the beam was down, and; unfortunately we didn't know why or for how long. The floor coordinator was contacted and was unaware of the situation. Is there a more efficient way of communicating information to the users?

We have always tried to improve the communications to the users. It is always difficult to provide accurate information when a fault occurs and the cause or duration is not immediately clear. This is one area where we need to improve our response. For improved timing in regards to injection time, we will look into providing a countdown timer PV, which will indicate the remaining time before the injection. We will also look into more effective means of providing meaningful public address announcements of status changes.

Follow-up Items

The parts for the broken truck lock door in 435 should be in next week. As soon as they arrive, the lock will be repaired.

Beginning July 1, custodial personnel will empty the user shop metal scrap bins on a weekly schedule.

User Operations

Currently, we are in the fourth week of the run. Several trips occurred due to network hardware problems, which caused certain control processes to be suspended, causing a beam loss. Overall, the availability for the run is ~ 97%.

Machine studies will start on Monday, June 28 at 0800 and will continue through Wednesday, June 30 at 0800. During these studies, shielding verification will take place for 6-ID with shutters enabled at 30 mA. This will start Tuesday between 0800 and 1000 hours. Beam will be available for all other sectors.

The Beamline Operations Information page has added a new link to the Operator Message History for the past 72 Hours located at: This web page provides the history for problem info, dump/trip reason and next fill info lines of the status display. The history is updated every time a new entry is made, so some repetitive entries will appear.