CAT Chat Minutes

June 11, 1999

Information and Follow-up Items

The metal scrap bucket in front of our user shop is not being emptied on a continuous basis. Who can we contact?

Bob Ferry will contact the appropriate individuals to make sure these bins are emptied.

User Operations

The beam has been running well at 96%. Over seventy-hours of beam have been provided without the shutters being requested to close.

On Monday, June 14, starting at 0800 hours, a 48-hour machine studies will take place. Shielding verification of 32-ID is scheduled on Tuesday, June 15 from 0800 through 1600. Shutters will be enabled during the verification time with stored currents from 5-30 mA. The user run will resume on Wednesday, June 16 at 0800 hours.

Top-up testing is planned to take place later this month. The plan is to add a short top-up test at the end of the morning injection period. The plans will be discussed in more detail during the upcoming TWG meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, June 17.