CAT Chat Minutes

May 28, 1999

User Operations

The next run will start Wednesday, June 2 at 8:00 a.m. using fill-on-fill with shutters open and singlets. Two fills per day are scheduled since the beam lifetime using singlets is not as long as with triplets. Additionally, a new septum is being vacuum conditioned, which could also adversely affect the beam lifetime until the vacuum improves. The new septum should make the transient injection smaller; the APS will try to quantify numbers to define the impact of the new septum.

General Information

A CAT Net message was sent out about the new injection transient blanking signals, which are now available for user testing. Another CAT Net message was sent describing repair work to the hot water system for removal of a valve and replacement with a section of pipe. The 13-hour repair has resulted in only one reported leak on the experiment floor (near 1-BM). A description of an incident at NSLS was brought to the group's attention. Approximately one month ago, a class four YAG laser safety interlock was bypassed by a researcher. The problem (a taped-over switch) was found by an NSLS safety person. The beamline was shut down, the experiment terminated, and the researchers banned for a period of time. The situation raises awareness about the importance of interlocks and their proper use. A modification to the procedure could have been requested and the violation avoided.