CAT Chat Minutes

May 14, 1999

Information/Follow-up items

1. We have had to resort to keeping our hutch doors closed for security reasons. When a PSS fault occurs, it is not possible to get into the station. Is there some way to override the PSS in such an instance?

Yes, a floor coordinator can assist in that situation. Additionally, the new version of PSS being developed will completely separate the safety and control functions, thus eliminating the problem you described. The new system will be tested on 4-ID, and, if it proves to be robust, it will be installed on other stations as they are reverified. Some changes in hardware will be required, including the addition of another PLC. The new PSS will greatly simplify 6-month revalidations.

User Operations

User operations will resume on June 2. The injectors will be tested over the weekend, and storage ring equipment will be conditioned next week.

Shielding verification is planned for sector 32 (COM-CAT) and 4-ID on June 14 or 15. Beam will be available to all other sectors during the verification. At sector 32, a re-bake of the vacuum system was needed, but work is still on schedule and the ID installation is progressing well.

General Information

Two CAT Net messages were sent out last week. One announced that the paging system will be down from 8 a.m. - 12 noon on Sat. May 15. CAT personnel needing to contact a floor coordinator should call the Control Room at ext. 2-9424. The second message clarified some issues about users and visitors from sensitive countries. Additional clarifications about access to ANL for people from sensitive countries are expected soon. It is anticipated that visitors will be classified as either "casual" (e.g., delivery staff) or "technical" (e.g., conference attendees). Information will be made available as it is received.