CAT Chat Minutes

May 7, 1999

Information/Follow-up items

1. During the chilled water shutdown, a substantial amount of water leaks occurred within the experiment hall. There was a high probability of damage to user equipment. Who would be responsible for repairing damaged equipment?

The leaks were due to the shutdown of the low-temperature hot-water system. The decrease of the system pressure opened numerous leaks at the pipe joints. During previous shutdowns, minor leaks occurred in the EAA, so the number of leaks this time was unexpected. We will work on implementing corrective measures to prevent any leaks in the future. If any equipment is damaged by these leaks, we will work with the users to minimize the impact for any repair costs to damaged equipment.

2. The high outside temperatures and the loss of cooling during the chilled water shutdown caused significant discomfort and loss of work due to the high temperatures in the work areas. Could this work on the chilled water system have been scheduled earlier in the year and/or during a weekend and could more people perform the work to shorten the shutdown time thereby minimizing the impact on the personnel? Is there a chance of a rebate for rents and/or services because of this shutdown?

This shutdown was needed to install additional components to the chilled water system to increase its cooling capacity and efficiency during hot and humid weather. The work has been in the planning stages for over a year, and the work had been originally scheduled to be done during the shutdown in March. However, the contractor performing the work was unable to receive several critical components for this work, and the work had to be delayed to the next shutdown in May. The chilled water shutdown had to be scheduled at the beginning of the maintenance period in order to have it operational for maximum use of the remaining time for testing of accelerator components. Therefore, it was not possible to wait nearly a week for this work to begin. In the past, when conditions allowed, we did schedule utility work for the weekends. We will continue to do so. The work was originally scheduled for three days but was completed in one. A component failure on restart forced the extension of the shutdown by one more day. There will be no rebates for rents and services because of this shutdown.

3. Is there a way for the operations long-term schedule to be made more user friendly? August is shown with beam for users all month. This is the hardest time to get users to use the beam when a lot of people are on vacation or at meetings. October is showing shutdown for the whole month while in December were running through the day before Christmas Eve. The schedule seems to always reflect working at inconvenient times.

Scheduling of user facilities has always been one of the most difficult issues to resolve. There is never a consensus on what makes a good schedule. For every schedule aspect, which is acceptable to one group, there is another group that finds it unacceptable or inconvenient. At the APS, we have the high-level forum (Research Directorate) where such global policy issues need to be discussed. However, it is important that each of the CAT Directors be provided with the real issues from both the beamline staff and the beamline users.

4. Will deliveries still be delivered and/or picked up on the 23rd of December?

Yes. The laboratory services will continue through the end of that day. The laboratory will be shut down from December 24th through January 1st. During that time, most of the laboratory services will not be available.

User Operations

The user run will begin in approximately three weeks on Wednesday, June 2. During this shutdown, we will complete the installation of the front end for sector 32 ID. Shielding verification of the 32 ID stations will be scheduled during the next run, and this will provide an eight-hour period of low-current beam during machine studies time. We will inform you of the specific date.

General Information

Incoming Freight Deliveries In order to minimize misplaced freight deliveries, we are implementing a new process of requesting that someone from the sector sign for incoming freight deliveries. If beamline personnel will not be available, for backup, the floor coordinator can be requested by the CAT to sign for a delivery.