CAT Chat Minutes

April 23, 1999

Information/Follow-up Items

1. The APS had identified a potential problem of cooling passage fouling due to excessive oxygen content in the deionized water. Has a solution been determined for the DI water skids in the user beamlines?

So far, the DI water skid for Sector 3 has been fully instrumented and is working well. We will provide for you the cost estimateof modifying the existing skids and will work on providing several options.

2. When the last chilled water shutdown occurred, it seemed to affect the temperature in the LOMs. Can we expect this to happen during the next planned shutdown?

The shutdown of the chilled water during the first part of the maintenance period is expected to last three days. Temperature variations in the LOMs and the experiment hall will depend on the temperature of the outside air. If the outside temperature rises appreciably, we will not be able to cool the air adequately, and the inside temperatures will rise.

3. After the last studies period, the steering of the beam was off and caused a delay in getting the beamline back into operation. Is this going to occur every time a studies period takes place, and if so, can we be warned?

This shouldn't have occurred. During the studies period, several new BPMs were commissioned, and we did not keep up with the changes. We will stay ahead of the commissioning activities and make sure that you are informed of the changes being done, and we will also ensure that all related calculations are updated.

User Operations

Storage Ring Availability: The storage ring availability was good. During the past week, two separate problems, related to equipment protection and personnel protection systems, resulted in six hours of downtime. The availability for the run is over 95%.

An 8-hour machine studies period will take place on the 27th of April at 8:00 am. Thereafter, a special operating mode will begin with singlets at two fills per day.

Chilled water shutdown is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd.

General Information

Argonne's Open House will take place this Saturday, May 1st. Demonstrations will be shown in the 401 gallery. The beam will be up and running during this activity.

The date for the APS picnic will be July 16. Feel free to come and relax. The beam will be down at that time.