CAT Chat Minutes

April 9, 1999

Information/Follow-up Items

1. With respect to the new requirements for entry by visitors from sensitive countries, if indice checks have been filed from a different laboratory, can we use their profile?

Further input is being researched regarding these checks. We will keep you informed on the details as they are received.

2. Is there a list for each individual CAT on the visitors from sensitive countries that includes the expiration date for the indices check?

The Users Office can provide each CAT with that information.

3. Does this new procedure apply to foreign-national students?

This procedure applies to all sensitive-country foreign nationals visiting or assigned to any area of the site.

User Operations

Storage Ring Availability: Last week the storage ring availability was 94%. Overall, total for this run, is 96%. A few faults occurred due to power supplies and rf trips, but as a whole it has been an excellent week.

The user run will continue through 0800 on Tuesday, April 13. An eight-hour period for Machine Studies will follow. The user run will resume at 1600 hours and continue until Machine Studies begins on April 19.

General Information

Visitors from Sensitive Countries: Gopal explained to the group the new procedure that foreign national visitors from sensitive countries will need to follow in order to enter the laboratory.

New Process - The 473 form is completed by the APS User Office and forwarded for necessary approval and signatures. The indices check is then conducted by embassy staff. This procedure will take approximately six to eight weeks. The laboratory is currently looking into simplifying this procedure.

At this time we have about 800 users from foreign countries. One hundred and eighty five are from sensitive countries. We have a total of 1500 users thus far. If you have any questions for Gopal, please send him an e-mail. If you need any data regarding this topic, please give the User Office a call on x-9090.