CAT Chat Minutes

March 26, 1999

Information/Follow-up Items

1) Deliveries of some items such as helium cannot be made into the locked truck locks when there is no one around. We do not want these items left unattended in the gas yard. Is there away to correct this problem?

We will work to resolve this issue with the delivery personnel.

2) Is it possible to extend the delay time before the insertion device gap opens when the shutter is closed for an extended time?

We will modify the delay so that the gap opens after the shutters are closed for two hours.

User Operations

The User run will continue through 0800 hours on Tuesday, March 30. An eight-hour period for Machine Studies will take place, however the beam will be available to the users for approximately four hours during this time, while shielding verification at 15ID is being done. The current during this time will be approximately 30 mA.

General Information

This coming weekend an Army conference will take place in the gallery. This conference is classified. There will be no access through all of the doors leading into the gallery, building 402.

Yeldez sends us her gratitude for all the beautiful flowers, phone calls and support throughout her ordeal. A lot of therapy is still needed down the road. She will keep us updated as she progresses.